Staging and Flooring Rentals

Whether it's your wedding or birthday party, I See Party Rentals treats every event as our most important event. Having a stage or dance floor will sure take your event to the next level. *Please Note* If you want a dance floor on grass or dirt, there may be additional costs for setup!

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Staging and Flooring Rentals

4' x 25' Red Carpet Runner

Our red carpet is an authentic carpet for that perfect celebrity red carpet theme.

4' x 25' White Carpet Runner

Our white carpet is perfect for any occasion where elegance is a must. Perfect for a wedding runner.

4' x 8' Stage

This stage can go from 12" to 24" high. Please let us know upon checkout.

4'x4' Stage Deck

5' x 35' Red Carpet Runner

6' x 120' Red Carpet Runner

Black Astroturf Per Sq. Ft.

Black astroturf is perfect for turning an ugly floor into a sleek clean look.

Green Astroturf per Sq. Ft.

Does your grass not look as good, or you have only dirt and need something more attractive? Rent our green astroturf for only $.30 per sq. ft.

Stage Stairs

Stair Unit, 2 Step w/rails

Subfloor Plywood per Sq. Ft

This is placed under a dance floor incase of dirt, grass, rocks, etc.

White Dance Floor per Sq. Ft.

Need a nice dance floor for your special event. Order our white dance floor which is 1.50/per sq. ft. We can customize to any size! Ex: 9x9 is $121.50 or a 12 x 12 is $216

Wood Dance Floor

Rent a wood dance floor now for your next party! Perfect for any occasion and will sure to make your next event stand out from the rest. To order a size you multiply the length by the width of your desired floor and that is the quantity you order. ex: if you would like a 10' x 10' dance floor than you will order 100 pieces. Item includes setup but delivery fees may still apply.

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