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Canopy Accessories

10' Leg Poles

10LB Sandbags

These butterfly sandbags are perfect for weighing down our pop up tents or any other item you may have and need extra weight for.

35 Gallon Water Barrel

Black Tent Leg Drapes

Ez Up Tent Walls

Pop Up Tent Sandbags

Solid White Tent Sidewalls Per Ft

These sidewalls are for our commercial tents. Quantity is calculated per square foot.

Tent Liner Per Sq. Ft.

Add a tent liner to your tent to make an ordinary event into an extraordinary event. To get a price you add the square footage of the tent you desire into the product quantity. Example: 20 x 20 tent would be 400 sq ft so you would get a 400 quantity.

Tent Top Tee (Purple)

Tent Walls w/ Windows Per Ft

These walls with windows add a touch of class an elegance to any event with our commercial tent.

Water Barrels 55 Gallon

White Tent Leg Drapes

White Water Barrel Covers

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