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25' Frosted Carnival String Lights "Big Bulb"

25' Frosted Carnival String Lights "Small Bulb"

Our carnival string lights come in 25 ft strands. Can only connect a maximum of 5 strings light at a given time before needing another outlet. Our frosted globe lights are more elegant and give a nice soft classy touch to any party or event.

4000w Light Tower

Four 1,000-watt metal halide lamps provide excellent illumination. A 12-hp diesel engine offers low maintenance, excellent fuel economy and reliable starting job after job. It illuminates 5-7 Acres making it ideal for any event or occasion and can stand up to 30 ft tall.

Chauvet DJ Light

Led Black Light

Having a black light theme or Halloween event. This black light is perfect for just that.

Led Light Strip

Led Slim Par 38 Uplight

This led light is only 2.5" thick and is perfect for any setup needing a touch of light. Our led light generates no heat and can be setup virtually anywhere to give it a nice beautiful uplight touch.

Led Work Light w/ Tripod

Our led work light is perfect to brighten up any backyard or unlit area.

Par 64 Can Uplight

This light is perfect for any tent lighting or uplighting. Comes with 4 gel colors blue, red, green, and yellow. Plugs into any standard outlet and outputs 500w.

RGB + UV LED Uplight

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