Frequently Asked Questions

fully_insured.jpg Are We Insured? Yes, we are fully licensed and insured of all our rental equipment.
Deposit_Required1.jpg Do I need to place a deposit? Yes, a rental deposit is always required for all orders. No Deposit No Order! No exceptions. When reserving online order is to be paid in full or by phone a 50% deposit is required. You may pay your deposit in the form of cash, check, paypal which is online or by credit card. The remaining balance can be paid upon reservation or be paid C.O.D (Cash on Delivery) in the form of CASH ONLY!
whatnot-clipart-calendar_clip_art.jpg How soon should I make a reservation? We are always extremely busy throughout the entire year due to our extensive line of rental products so we recommend you reserve 1-2 weeks in advance for pricing and availability since we have a limited number of certain styles of products.

What to expect upon delivery of inflatables? We handle the entire delivery, setup, and pickup of the inflatable being rented. Customer is not able to pickup any inflatables. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please make sure and tell us where you would like the inflatable to be placed. Jumpers can not be more than 75 feet from an outlet. Any further may cause damage to our equipment and will be in the fault of the customer. We will show you the customer how to properly turn on and off the inflatable. A $90 cleaning fee will be charged directly to the credit card on file if there are any sort of food, drinks, animal waste within or on top of the inflatable and/or if the inflatable is wet when it should not be due to sprinklers or misuse. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

What to do when we are done with the rented equipment? All rented equipment must be picked up the same was as they arrived. If I See Party Rentals has to clean up after the lessee or if the rented equipment is not as arrived there will be a $100.00 fee charged to the credit card on file unless lessee has paid I See Party Rentals to setup and tear down the listed rented items. Customer is responsible for all equipment damaged due to rain, sprinklers or other circumstances. No credit will be given after delivered equipment (used or unused).
rain.jpg What is your rain policy? For Safety reasons we do not deliver when it is raining or if there are high winds over 20 mph. In the event it rains on or during your event we may have to pickup the jumper so that is does not get damaged. No refund or credit will be issued due to the fact it is not our responsibilty to determine whether or not you should rent certain equipment on any given day unless otherwise noted. For an additional fee we can and are able to now setup tent over inflatables so that 365 days of the year you can enjoy any inflatable 24/7 just call us for pricing and availability. 661-298-1900
 honda generator.jpg  Is a generator included? No, if you do not have electrical power available at your setup location than you MUST rent a generator. If you do have a generator that you wish to use instead of renting one, you must call us 661-298-1900 to make sure it has sufficient power to support the rented equipment.